1111 Asia-Ragnarok Control Panel
1 EatmyBalls 1,813-164
2 AyDumapa 1,514-113
3 javen 836-243
4 CostaMagica 806-93
5 BSJapra27 804-92
Pre Renewal Server
2-2 Class only (NO TRANS JOB)
8x Base and Job Exp (Floating Rates 10x)
3x Drop Rate (Floating Rates 6x)
0.3% Card Drop Rate (Floating Rates 0.6%)

1 zeny Customize HP and SP Potion (so you can Grind and Farm Non Stop)

NO PARTY GAP LEVEL!!! Max Level Character can help you (Boost) until May 31, 2020
50% more monster spawn rate on every field and dungeon
Freebies ingame
Level 99 Reward
MVP and Mini MVP Card disabled
PVP mode on all MVP Maps (Automatic Turn-off if MVP is dead)
UPG Quest Item
Costume Enchant
Gepard Shield 3.0 (@lgp)
Top PVP killer reward every month
Top MVP killer reward every month
Upgrade Equips
Monster Invasion every 4 hours
Reset Stat and skill NPC
Max 2 Client
30 days log in reward
Automated Event Ingame
Singapore host (OVH)

Not a Pay To Win Server
You can get all item in cash shop thru Quest or Staying Online

You Can Earn Cash Points by staying log in. 1 hour = 1 cash points
Earn Cash Points by joining Event ingame

Hourly Reward Items like Field Manual, Buble Gum, Elite Siege Box, etc. just type @reward ingame to check hourly reward
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